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Week 12 NFL early games open thread

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Stephen Dunn

While we wait for our Oakland Raiders to take the field later today we do have several games of note in the early time slots. Chat here with your fellow Raiders fans while they happen in real time.

The San Diego Chargers are tied with Oakland at 4-6 but they have a very tough match-up today in Kansas City. The first quarter just ended there with the Chiefs up 7-3 but the Chargers are driving. The Raiders need a Chargers loss to ensure they stay out of the AFCW cellar and also as a team they are fighting with for the final Wild-Card slot.

There are also two AFC teams ahead of the Raiders for that Wild-Card at 5-5 and both of them are playing right now. The Jets are taking on the Ravens in Baltimore where the Ravens are leading 6 to 3 with nust over 10 minutes left in the half.

The Miami Dolphins are the other 5-5 team and they are playing a very tough Carolina Panthers team but that hasn't stopped them from taking a 7-3 lead. The 2nd quarter just kicked off for them.

Another battle of 4-6 AFC teams is going down as well with the Steelers against the Browns. That game is tied 3-3 right now also with about 10 minutes left in the half. The Raiders beat the Steelers earlier and hold the tiebreaker so it would be better for them to win that one.

As you can see lots of action to bide the time away until Oakland takes the field. Chat here while it all plays out and as always GO RAIDERS!