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Raiders vs Titans 2nd Half Thread

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
It has really been an interesting half of football in Oakland today despite the low scoring. Both teams managed to get a field goal on their first drives and then they traded field goals a second time later on.

The Titans second field goal was actually a big win for the Raiders. Matt McGloin had his first career interception and it came deep inside the Raiders own territory. The Raiders defense was able to hold strong though and held them to a field goal, thankfully so because a touchdown there would have been really demoralizing.

Setting up the Raiders 2nd field goal was a really nasty looking hit on a defenseless Mychal Rivera. He wasn't able to make the catch but they did get a personal foul penalty that put them in field goal range.

The best drive of the day came on the last possession of the half. The Raiders really utilized their running backs well on the drive that started with under 3 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. The back up fullback Alawale had a short pass that he took for a long gain and then Rashad Jennings put a couple of nice plays together too.

Unfortunately Oakland just couldn't finish the drive even though they got inside the Titans 10 yard line. The drive stalled o a 3rd and 2 play where Tennessee had their 4th batted down at the line pass of the day. Janikowski did manage to convert the chip shot to give the Raiders a 9-6 lead.

The Titans tried to drive for a field goal with just under a minute left but the drive was doomed by drops. They tried punting with 19 seconds left but Jeremy Stewart blocked the punt. A beautiful pass down field set up one last field goal but the Janikowski kicked the ball over the upright and it was called no good. The score remained 9-6 at halftime.