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Dennis Allen says Matt McGloin earned another start for Raiders

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In the Raiders loss Sunday against the Titans, not a whole lot was working all that well. Really, the only part of the team that seemed to be doing a passable job was that of the offense. Matt McGloin was a respectable 19 for 32 with 260 yards and a touchdown with one interception. That performance was enough to earn another start according to Dennis Allen.

Allen was asked point blank whether McGloin earned another start with his performance and he answered without hesitation.

"Yeah," Allen responded. "I thought Matt played well. For him to lead us back when we needed a touchdown. He got us the touchdown we needed to give us the lead, we just couldn't hold it defensively. I thought Matt played well."

McGloin was told of his coach's words to which he would say only "I'll be ready when and if called upon." The rarely content McGloin had his own account of how his day went.

"Up and down day," said McGloin. "You're going to have days like that. I thought we missed on a couple of opportunities offensively, but we'll go back to the drawing board and we have a quick turnaround this week, so we'll be back at it tomorrow."

After throwing three touchdown passes in the first three quarters last week against the Texans, McGloin didn't find the endzone until the fourth quarter against the Titans. It was a crucial go-ahead touchdown pass but not finishing drives in the first three quarters is a bit concerning.

"Just couldn't get things going early on," said McGloin. "But I thought we did a good job of adjusting at halftime and it was great to see that we were able to make those changes and continue to get better and figure things out and work things out."

The interception he threw was his only big mistake in the game. He also had four passes batted down at the line. But McGloin doesn't see the batted passes as being worth any real concern.

"It happens," shrugged McGloin. "Passes get knocked down. It happens to everybody. They did a good job of kind of not rushing at certain points and kind of reading the quarterback, where his eyes were going and things like that, and jumping at the right time. They made a lot of good plays so give  them credit. I don't think I had any passes batted down last week. It's just one of those days, it happens."

What McGloin did today is what Dennis Allen has said he wants from the Raiders' starter - He put the team in position to win the game. Sebastian Janikowski missed two field goals in the game and with a final margin of 4 points, those misses loomed large.

McGloin may have finished just one drive for a touchdown, but he helped put the Raiders in field goal range six other times. He gave the Raiders the opportunity to win. But the field goal misses and the late collapse of the defense gave it away.

He will now have a short week in which to prepare to face the Cowboys in Dallas. A far tougher match-up in a hostile environment.