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Titans S Michael Griffin suspended 1 game for hit on Raiders TE Mychal Rivera

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

In the second quarter of the Raiders home game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, Titans safety Michael Griffin laid a vicious hit on Raiders' tight end Mychal Rivera that knocked him unconscious. The hit was a clearly intentional act and yielded a personal foul penalty for a blow to the head of a defenseless receiver.

Luckily, Rivera would eventually leave under his own power and no stretcher or trip to the hospital was needed but it was a scary few moments after such a brutal hit.

It was clear there would at very least be a fine coming Griffin's way for the hit but according to's Ian Rappoport, the league said Griffin is past being fined and is now to the stage of suspension. This hit will result in his being suspended one game.

Griffin had been fined on several previous occasions for violating the NFL's rule on contact above the head and neck area of defenseless players. He was fined $21,000 for a hit he laid on Jets' receiver Stephen Hill earlier this season.

He will likely appeal the suspension but I don't see how he could possibly win. As this picture shows, it was extremely obvious he was targeting Rivera's head with ill intentions.