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49ers vs Redskins Monday night open thread

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Scott Cunningham

It's Monday Night Football and you have nothing better to do than watch the Raiders' cross bay rivals take on the team with the most racist mascot in all of sports and their head coach, Mike Shanahan, who has a deep hatred for the Raiders -- a feeling that is mutual. So, who do you root for? Tough one, eh?

There are reasons for Raiders fans to not want either team to win. So, turn it on if you haven't already and chat with your fellow Raiders fans about it.

This match-up pits two of the top young quarterbacks in the league in Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III. Neither team has been lighting it up of late but the 49ers are expected to win. That's what the entire Silver & Black Pride staff predicted, anyway.

Then again, we all picked the Raiders to win Sunday and they let us down too. We'll see how correct we were about this one.