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Marcel Reece Foundation continues to do good in Oakland community

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Far too often we hear the negative stories of what athletes do and it makes us forget about the honest and sincere good that many players do. The Raiders have a locker room based around people who care and the perfect example of this is Oakland's fullback Marcel Reece.

Reece is a humble and hard working man with a beautiful soul. The Raiders have a busy week with a short turnaround before their Thanksgiving game against the Dallas Cowboys this Thursday. They just played a heartbreaking and exhausting game last Sunday against the Titans and there is no time to rest before getting ready for their next match-up.

Even the most generous and inspiring people would be forgiven for not being able to do more than just get ready to play under the circumstances. That is not who Marcel Reece is though. He tackles life the same way that he tackles the football field, by giving every thing he has and hurdling whatever obstacle is in his way.

Today, instead of resting and preparing himself for Thursday's Nationally televised game, he was in the Oakland community helping ensure that others less fortunate can celebrate the upcoming holiday too. Instead of taking an understandable and well deserved break he is out there in the real world making a real difference.

After Marcel spent his day helping people, he took time to go out onto social media outlets to spread awareness for his Marcel Reece Foundation. This is what he had to say on Instagram, which he also then tweeted about afterwards.

"Today I had a great time in Oakland...the Marcel Reece Foundation took this opportunity to supply the hood with gift certificates and their food to cook Thursday night while they watch us winThank you to everyone who supports and has supported, I will never forget where I come fun and will always help where I can...I love the HooD! #Townbizness #HappyThanksgiving #FeedTheHood"

It isn't about getting the recognition for Reece, he genuinely wants to help and is doing what he can. For him to be out there on this short week when he is undoubtedly exhausted speaks volumes about his desire to help and his commitment to the City of Oakland.

If you are looking for a way to help out there is an easy way that you can do so. The Raiders host the Chiefs on December 15th and if you are planning to buy tickets anyway then go to his website. He is running a promotion where you can buy tickets to the game through his site and a portion of the sale will benefit his charity. As an added bonus you will also get a meet and greet with Marcel himself.

By buying your tickets there you get to help make a difference while also getting to go see your Raiders play live and in person! Even if you can't help fiscally, which is completely understandable,  you can still hit up his Twitter feed and tell him you appreciate him and his work.

There needs to be more awareness to the good that athletes do and you can help just by going on Twitter and helping spread that awareness. Marcel would appreciate it and it's the least we can do after all the good that he does for Oakland and the Raiders. It might not feel like much but even something as simple as a Tweet can help make a difference.