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Date set for Raiders vs Dolphins in London

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Chris Trotman

The NFL UK has released the dates for the 2014 international games in London. We now know when the Raiders will be making the trip across the world to play a home game. That date is September 28, 2014 which will be week 4 of the regular season.

This is the Raiders first trip to play in London since the NFL began playing game over there back in 2007. That game was featured the Dolphins who will make their first trip back to Wembley since that game.

Here are the dates of all three NFL London games in 2014:

Miami/Oakland, Week 4, September 28th
Atlanta/Detroit, Week 8, October 26th
Jacksonville/Dallas, Week 10, November 9th

All games are played in London's Wembley Stadium.

This is also the first year the NFL is sending three games to London. Last season they played two games over there and every season before that featured just one game per season. It's all part of Commissioner Roger Goodell's goal to increase the NFL's international presence.