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What are you thankful for when it comes to the Oakland Raiders?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving Raider Nation! Hopefully we get an extra nice dessert to our holiday dinner with a win for our Oakland Raiders, but either way I hope you have an enjoyable day today. Thanksgiving is about family and that is exactly what the Raider Nation is so it seems especially nice this year to get to enjoy some Silver and Black football with our turkey this year.

In true Thanksgiving fashion I would like to pose the question what it is about Raider football that you are thankful for? Is it a favorite memory or maybe a favorite player? The camaraderie between us fans or the closeness it brings to you with a specific person?

For me it is the special bond it has given me with my father. In a sea of Green and Gold (yea I know, it's really yellow) in WI it was always a feeling of standng out for my Dad and me in the Silver and Black. It was him and me against the world and it was a lot of fun growing up like that.

Not everyone here is lucky enough to have a close family like me, but you are lucky enough to have heard the call to be a Raiders fan. No matter the years of struggling we are lucky to have found a love like we have for this team.

Tell me about what makes you thankful for with our favorite team and lets celebrate together a reason to be thankful. Whether it's the memory of a Super Bowl win or the great fashion choices available to us with these great colors, there is something that you must be thankful for. Share it with your Raider Nation family right here in the comments section, on Facebook or Tweet it to @silverandblackp!