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Raiders vs Cowboys second half open thread

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders got on the scoreboard early as per usual. They forced a fumble on the opening kickoff and Greg Jenkins recovered it for a touchdown. But that wasn't the end for the Raiders by a long shot.

The Cowboys got on the board a short time later after Matt McGloin fumbled the snap at his own 2-yard line. The Raiders dominated through most of the rest of the first half. Their offense drove for two touchdowns while the defense shut out the Cowboys' offense. Then came that dreaded last drive.

The Cowboys got the ball with just under two minutes left on the clock and drove right down the field to add a touchdown before half time. The Raiders' prevent defense just laid down and let the Cowboys score just as they had the Titans on their game-winning drive last Sunday.

It would seem the only way the Raiders can pull this one out is if they can make sure they are up by at least two scores in the final two minutes of this game. For now they are up by one score, 21-14.

Matt McGloin is currently 11 for 15 for 146 yards and the Raiders offense has been lights out on third down to finish out the second quarter. They are 7 for 7 on third down on their final two drives, both ending in 1-yard Rashad Jennings' touchdowns.

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