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Rashad Jennings has concussion, long week to recover

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Tom Pennington

When Rashad Jennings laid motionless on the field temporarily on the Raiders final drive of the game Thursday, it appeared pretty clear he had been knocked unconscious. The way he was eventually helped off the field further confirmed such.

The incident occurred on the first play of the drive after he caught a pass up the middle and was tripped up after an 8-yard gain. Cowboys' safety Jeff Heath was making bee line to try and make the tackle but Jennings was tripped up by safety Barry Church and was going down already. Heath tried to pull up only to have his knee hit Jennings in the back of the helmet.

Jennings has officially been ruled as having a concussion and now must go through the NFL's concussion protocol before returning to the field.

The good news is, with this being a Thursday game, he will have a long week in which to recover. The Raiders don't play again until December 8 which is ten days away. The team won't return to practice to begin preparing for their next game in New York against the Jets for six days.

This week Darren McFadden returned to action and if Jennings is unable to play next week, McFadden would return to the starting role he had over the first seven games of this season.