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NFL week 9 early games open thread

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Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

There are two AFC West rivals playing on the East coast this week, so they will be part of the early game slate. The Chiefs are in Buffalo and the Chargers are facing the Redskins in our nation's capital.

The Chiefs remain undefeated and the 3-5 Bills don't quite seem like the team that would unseat them. Then again, the Bills' only two home losses this season were close ones against the Patriots and Bengals. They have also had close wins at home against the Panthers and Ravens.

The Chargers and Redskins should prove to be a pretty good match-up. The Redskins should be the favorite to win but the Chargers are an erratic team this season. Outside of beating the Jaguars last week, the Chargers have just one win on the road this season (Eagles). Their other losses came in Tennessee and Oakland. The East Coast trip doesn't help things for them either.

The remaining game in this morning are the Cowboys as Minnesota, Titans at Rams, Saints at Jets, and the Falcons at Panthers.

The Raiders kick off against the Eagles at 1:05pm Pacific so until then, enjoy the rest of the NFL.