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Raiders vs Eagles 2nd half open thread

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Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports
This has been one terrible half of football for the Raiders, or maybe one amazing half by the Eagles. Nick Foles has looked like Aaron Rodgers in this game, the Raiders defense has not been able to do anything to stop him. He is 15 of 19 passing for 260 yards and he has already set a new career high for a game with 4 TD's.

The Raiders offense has some impressive totals for yards with 277 yards of offense. Unfortunately they haven't been able to consistently score points despite that nice yard total. They had one big 66 yard catch and run by Rod Streater to set up one field goal and a nice 6 play, 80 yard for their TD drive. Oakland also managed to drive their final possession of the half into field goal range for Sebastian Janikowski who nailed the 53 yarder at the end of the half.

All in all this has been a really dominating performance for the Eagles offense. Even with their impressive 28 point total the Raiders are not completely out of this game. It would take an impressive comeback that will have to start with defense. The Eagles will start the 2nd half with the football and the 28-13 lead.