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Terrelle Pryor injury not considered serious

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Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor left the Raiders week 9 game against the Eagles midway through the fourth quarter and headed to the locker room. The official word was the was getting his knee evaluated and he was replaced in the game by backup quarterback, Matt McGloin. This had meant facing the possibility of being without Pryor. The word following the game should ease any worry in that regard.

With the score 49-13 in the fourth quarter, the game was out of reach for the Raiders with about nine minutes to go so they pulled Pryor out in favor of McGloin.

"We were gonna go with McGloin anyway there in the fourth quarter," said Allen. "I really was unaware that there was even an injury."

"It's just precaution. Nine minutes and we weren't coming back so pretty much they just told me to come upstairs and get iced. . . I gotta look at it further tomorrow but it's stable. I can walk but nothing's wobbly or anything like that."

Pryor is not expected to miss any time and from the sounds of it, he shouldn't be hampered either. That is very good news for a quarterback to relies on his running ability as much as Pryor does.