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Terrelle Pryor "banged up" but practices full "felt very good"

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor left Sunday's game against the Eagles with a knee injury. At the time, the severity of the injury was unknown but Pryor headed to the locker room which was cause for some concern.

Following the game, Pryor shrugged off any concern for the injury, saying it was a just a precaution. Dennis Allen also said taking Pryor out of the game with the team down 49-13 was the plan regardless of injury.

The injury being a non-issue was confirmed today when Pryor was a full participant in practice.

"I'm a little tiny banged up and I practiced the whole day today," said Pryor. "I was running hard, felt very good."

Last Sunday, Pryor was replaced by undrafted rookie Matt McGloin who is the only other quarterback on the roster. For that reason the Raiders very much need Pryor healthy. The only other quarterback on the field is rookie fourth round pick Tyler Wilson who is on the team's practice squad.