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Oregon vs Stanford college football open thread

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Chat here with Raiders fans as the top ranked Ducks and Cardinal face off on Thursday Night College football.

Steve Dykes

There is an NFL game being played tonight. But that game takes a backseat on the West Coast to the powerhouse college football match-up between the third ranked Oregon Ducks and fifth ranked Stanford Cardinal.

This game was marked on both these teams' calendars the moment the schedules came out. It was the Cardinal who killed the Ducks' National Championship hopes last season. Now the Ducks both teams are in the National Championship picture and the Ducks are looking for revenge.

This is a Bay Area match-up to be certain. Stanford for obvious reasons but the Ducks as well because the Ducks have 14 players from around the Bay Area and a total of 43 players from all over California.

This game also has several players who are set to enter the NFL draft. For Oregon this includes Heisman front runner, Marcus Mariota, and wide receivers DeAnthony Thomas and Josh Huff. For Stanford it inlcludes quarterback Kevin Hogan and the solid linebacker trio of Trent Murphy, Shayne Skov, and AJ Tarpley.

This game has been hyped all week by ESPN as it should be. It should be one of the best games of the season and the winner will be squarely in line for a shot in the National Championship. Well, at least they should be. Though, knowing the B(C)S, they will discount the winner of this game and give more credit to Alabama if/when they beat 13 ranked LSU this weekend.