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DE Brian Sanford released, OL Jack Cornell activated

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Levi Damien

The musical chairs game that Reggie McKenzie has been playing continues! The Raiders have once again cut reserve defensive end Brian Sanford in order to activate reserve offensive lineman Jack Cornell.

If you're thinking that this seems like deja vu, don't worry it isn't. Back on October 26th this same exact move was made for the same reason. The Raiders have depth at defensive line, they do not have depth at the offensive line. Brian Sanford has been active for 6 games with one start this year while Jack Cornell has seen game action in just one game (SD) though he has been active off and on this year.

The last time this move was made the Raiders quickly re-signed Brian Sanford and sent Jack Cornell back to the practice squad once the game against the Steelers was over. If Oakland can get healthier along the offensive line this week you can expect the same thing to happen again after the game against the Giants.