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Week 13 Sunday NFL early games open thread

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Chat here with Raiders fans during the early slate of games today.

Alex Trautwig

The Raiders have played their game already and hopefully the two days in between now and then has allowed you all to calm your nerves and relax and watch some of the other NFL teams beat up on each other for the day.

The games on tap in the early going are the Jaguars at the Browns, Titans and Colts, Bears at Vikings, Dolphins at Jets, Cardinals at Eagles, Buccaneers at Panthers, and Patriots at Texans.

Most of you will probably see the Patriots face the Texans because every network has a longstanding love affair with the Patriots as well as any teams from the Boston or New York areas.

If your area chooses the New York team to cover, or you have Sunday Ticket or something and can choose which game you watch, you can watch the Raiders' next opponent to get a nice preview. I would assume most of you have not paid much attention to the Jets this season and I can't blame you for that. As an added bonus, the Dolphins and Jets really hate each other. You gotta love that.

Hopefully you have some leftover turkey so you can make some sandwiches and catch some games until the tryptophan knocks you out.