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Week 13 Sunday NFL late games open thread: AFC West rivals square off

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Chat with Raiders fans during the afternoon slate of NFL games.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

For the second time in three weeks, the Broncos and Chiefs square off. When they met last time, the Chiefs were undefeated. The Broncos ended their hopes of a perfect season. Since then the Chiefs have lost again and the Broncos lost as well. So now both teams sit at 9-2 on the season fighting for what is likely the AFC West crown.

The Chiefs' vaunted defense is down a critical piece this week. While Tamba Hali is expected to play, Justin Houston will not which leaves them at half strength in the pass rush department. Peyton Manning beat them before and it seems likely he will do it again.

The Broncos lost last week in New England in a game they looked to have won but thanks to their weak defense and a critical error on special teams in overtime, Peyton Manning once again left Foxboro on the losing end of things. The game may be in Kansas City but the Chiefs don't have Tom Brady coming out of that tunnel, they have Alex Smith.

That isn't the only AFC West team playing this afternoon. The Chargers have a tough match-up with the Bengals as well. If seeing two AFC West teams face each other don't strike your fancy, and this game is an option in your area, you can cheer on the Bengals and Raiders old head coach, Hue Jackson, who is the running backs coach in Cincinnati.

Another option might be the 49ers vs the Rams. This is definitely a viewing option in the Bay Area. It is also two pretty exciting teams to watch these days. The Rams defense has been very solid of late and they have a good shot at taking out the 49ers. These two teams always play each other tough much like the AFC West rivals typically do.

The remaining game in the afternoon schedule is the Falcons at the Bills. That made me sleepy just typing it. I better get up and get me another one of them turkey sandwiches.

I'll probably be watching the Chiefs vs Broncos and am known to tweet about it. If you care to see my inane ramblings, bang the button below.