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Raiders vs Chiefs sold out, will be televised locally

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, the Raiders game this weekend will be televised on local television. This time the game is sold out. The Raider face the division rival Chiefs Sunday which is always a big draw. The Raiders have been televised in every home game this season with just one game this season requiring an extension to meet the minimum requirements to be televised locally.

That makes seven games this season and nine-straight games they have been televised. The last game that was blacked out in Oakland was December 2 of last year when the Browns came to Oakland. It was a non-division game against a bad team which is usually a recipe for a difficult sell.

The Raiders should make it a clean sweep of televised games this season as the next home game is against the division rival Broncos in the season finale. The Raiders can use all the televised games they can get to keep the interest of the Oakland market with their efforts to get a new stadium and remain in Oakland.