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Final Score: Chiefs embarrass Raiders 56-31

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders were hoping for a fast start to this game, but not in the way they ended up getting. The Chiefs returned the opening kickoff to midfield, and then their first play from scrimmage was a 49 yard TD reception for Jamaal Charles. Within half a minute into the game it was already 7-0 Kansas City.

The Raiders needed a response after such a sucker punch from the Chiefs and they got one by way of Marcel Reece. The first play from scrimmage went for 45 yards on a pass to Reece which put the Raiders into field goal range. Sadly, Reece and McGloin were not on the same page later in the drive and missed out on an easy TD and then Mychal Rivera dropped a 3rd down pass so the Raiders only added 3 on the drive making the score 7-3.

Once the Chiefs got the ball back it seemed like the Raiders defense was much better prepared. It turned out they were only better prepared as long as the Chiefs weren't passing the ball to Jamaal Charles because once they did it again went for a long TD. This one was a 39 yard screen play for a TD and it came on 3rd and 19, it made the score 14-3 Chiefs.

If you were hoping things would get better after that, well they didn't. They looked like they might when the Raiders started the drive with a 26 yard play to Rod Streater, but then reality struck when McGloin threw a terrible pass intercepted and returned for a TD by Eric Berry. In but a blink of the eye it was already 21-3 Chiefs, and there was still more than 5 minutes left in the first quarter.

Despite the awful start, Matt McGloin and the Raiders came out firing still on their next drive. A long pass interference penalty followed by a long catch and run by Rod Streater set the Raiders up for a 1st and goal inside the 10. They scored a TD on the drive with a Marcus Allen like dive over the pile by Rashad Jennings to make the score 21-10. So far somebody has scored on every single drive of the game.

Directly after writing that the Raiders came up with a stop and forced the first punt of the game which was kicked too long and went for a touchback. Too bad they fumbled the snap and turned the ball over deep in their own territory. A few plays later Jamaal Charles ran it in for an easy TD making it 28-10 Chiefs.

The Raiders got stopped early on their next drive and had to punt, but they faked it and got the first on a nicely executed pass by Marcel Reece. It was all for nothing as just two plays later Matt McGloin turned the ball over for the 3rd time of the game, this one being the second interception by Eric Berry. It was a long return with a late hit penalty to put the Chiefs inside the Raiders 20. One play later it was another TD reception for Jamaal Charles and the score was 35-10.

Finally some luck went the Raiders way. On a 3rd down play the Chiefs should have had another interception returned for an easy TD but it was dropped. In disgust to his drop the Chief removed his helmet which kept the drive alive. A long pass to Denarius Moore, a pass interference in the endzone on a pass meant for Mychal Rivera, and then a 1 yard run by Rashad Jennings made the score 35-17.

The Chiefs got the ball back with 3 minutes left in the half. They drove it to midfield but could not go farther than that. They punted the ball back to the Raiders who did not do anything with it in the waning seconds. The Chiefs lead the Raiders at the half 35-17.

The second half started with a bang for the Raiders. There was a nice play to Andre Holmes, then a long pass to Taiwan Jones who managed to keep his feet and gain an additional 20 yards down to inside the Chiefs 10, and then a nice play call back to Andre Holmes for the TD. The score made the game 35-24 Chiefs.

The nice play by the Raiders continued once the defense came onto the field. They came up with a big stop and got the ball back for the offense without giving up any points. When the Raiders came back out onto the field this time it was Terrelle Pryor as the quarterback for a few plays. He didn't do much with his few plays given to him and then they put Matt McGloin back in.

Pryor had led the team to midfield by the time McGloin got put back in, though it was mostly because of a nice draw play by Rashad Jennings. McGloin's first pass was a 3rd and 7 play and it was caught by Andre Holmes on an absolutely beautiful one handed catch for the first. The next play was a pass interference call, and then they scored on a 14 yard throw to Mychal Rivera who caught though tightly covered. Just like that the Raiders were right back into the game, the score was 35-31.

After that the Chiefs remembered they have Jamaal Charles who has some sort of force field around him that makes him not able to be tackled. Alex Smith hit him deep and he proceed to make one cut and run right past everybody on his way to yet another TD reception. This one was a ridiculous 71 yards, and made the score 42-31.

To make things even worse, Taiwan Jones ended up fumbling the following kick-off. The play was called as down by contact but the Chiefs challenged and won, getting the ball back at the Raiders 20. Just a couple plays later KC added another TD, at least this one wasn't to Jamaal Charles. It was to their bearded Tight End McGrath instead and made the score 49-31.

The Raiders next drive featured one of the most stupid interceptions ever seen. Matt McGloin ran around for a long time looking to go deep and then decided to throw it directly to the Chief defender giving the Chiefs the ball just outside the Raiders 30. Thankfully the Raiders got the ball back right back after they got pressure on Alex Smith and he ended up fumbling the ball back to Oakland.

Why Matt McGloin is still out there at this point I have no idea. He has 3 interceptions and a fumble already, there is every reason to take him out and put in Terrelle Pryor. They didn't do that, and Matt threw a pass that got batted at the line and then got intercepted for his 4th of the game.

The Chiefs proceed to use Knile Davis to run right through the Raiders defense, with a dash of Alex Smith scrambling in between. Knile busted through tackles on his way to a rumbling 17 yard TD to make the score 56-31. The Raiders defense looked like they had absolutely nothing left in the tank.

When the Raiders came out next it was Terrelle Pryor at quarterback and rightfully so. It doesn't matter who the QB is, after the 5th turnover in a blowout loss the starter should be pulled. It didn't help at all anyway as the Raiders went 3 and out and punted the ball right back.

The Chiefs brought out their back up quarterback, but the Raiders defense was so exhausted and demoralized they had trouble stopping him too. They did end up stopping him and forcing a punt, which was placed absolutely perfectly and downed at the one yard line.

Terrelle Pryor did manage to get the ball out of their own endzone area with a nice scramble. Too bad just a couple plays later he lofted a ball to the middle of the field for yet another Raiders turnover. At that point it was just desperation football and he was just doing whatever he could to make a play. The Chiefs took over possession inside Raiders territory.

The Raiders managed to hold the Chiefs to a fourth down play while in field goal range, but mercifully KC ran a play instead to get the first down. They managed to get the first and then they took a knee to finish out the game. The final score was 56-31.