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Raiders collapse reaches historic proportions

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Jed Jacobsohn

If you thought the Chiefs put an historic beatdown on the Raiders Sunday, you may not have known just how right you were. The loss Sunday saw the Raiders give up a franchise worst 56 points. That's right, this proud franchise had never given up as much as 56 points in their 54-year history until today.

As pointed out by Josh Dubow of the associated press, the Raiders had given up 55 three other times in their history - one of those was just last season against the Ravens. Dubow also pointed out that the Raiders had given up 49 plus points at home just three times in their history coming into this season and have now given up 49 plus in two of the past three games. They gave up 49 to the Eagles in a week 9 home loss.

The game saw the Chiefs break off several huge plays on offense and several big turnovers on offense including an interception by Eric Berry that was returned for a touchdown.

Jamaal Charles had quite a day in his own right. He scored five touchdowns on the day including the very first play of the game from 49 yards out. He later added a 71-yard catch and run in the third quarter as the Chiefs ran away with the win. He finished just shy of 200 yards receiving (195) and added 20 yards on the ground.

If you thought Charles' day was great, how about the day for Alex Smith. He had a perfect 158.3 passer rating. It was the second time this season the Raiders have given up a perfect passer rating to the opposing quarterback. The other time was Eagles' quarterback Nick Foles' seven touchdown day -- an historic mark as well. This is the first time any team has allowed a perfect passer rating to an opposing quarterback twice in a single season -- more history for you.

Screen passes were killing the Raiders. In most cases there wasn't even a play anywhere near Charles when he caught the ball. That could be attributed to one of many problems. It could be lack of preparedness, not reading the offense, or the Chiefs' offensive coaches and Alex Smith reading the Raiders defense and exploiting them.

Middle linebacker, Nick Roach, said there is no quit in the players on this defense but had little answers as to what is happening with them at this moment.

"Effort is part of it," said Roach. "The other part is doing it right, being good in the right situations. Football is a very complex game. You can be technically in the right spot one play but hey if they make a play and beat you, then it goes to them. So it's just a lot of things, making plays when we're in a spot to do it, knowing how they're going to attack us in certain places of the field, situations. So it's a lot more than effort, but if you don't have effort you don't have a chance."

Whatever the reason, the defensive issues continue to be compounded each week leading to this historic loss. Then again, the way things are going, there are still two games for them to sink even lower.