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Dennis Allen still confident in Raiders, not changing approach

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A bad loss like the Raiders had on Sunday when they gave up a franchise record 56 points to the Chiefs can make for some reevaluation. Heck, several of the losses the Raiders have had lately could cause the same reaction - giving up 37 points in a loss to the Jets for instance. But Dennis Allen says his confidence is unshaken and his approach remains the same.

"My job doesn't change," Allen said Monday. "My job is to get this team better, to try to put a good product on the field, to help these guys, to put them in the best position that they can have success. That's been my job since day one, and that won't change. I'm not gonna change my mindset, I'm not gonna change my philosophy, I'm not gonna change the process because that's what I believe in. You gotta stand for something, you gotta believe in something because if you don't you're doomed to fail. So, I'm gonna focus on the things that I gotta do to help this team win."

Many are thinking this team has packed it in and is preparing for next season. The only progress this team has seen of late is it is getting progressively worse. This team has played pretty well at times this season and Allen clings to those times as his confidence in what this team is capable of accomplishing.

"Because we have [played well]," he responded. "Because we have, you know? Listen, at times we've played really well and been very competitive in games and had opportunities to win games. Obviously it's times like this you wish you had a couple do overs. But that's not the way the NFL works. Like I said, we've played good offense at times and we've played not so good at times. We've played good defense at times, we've played not so good at times. We've played good on special teams at times, we've played not so good at times. What gives me confidence is because we have. And I know we have it in us."

That confidence, as Allen explains, extends not just to the players performances on the field but the front office and coaches' abilities to evaluate talent.

"Sometimes things don't work out, sometimes mistakes are made. I'm very confident in Reggie McKenzie and the personnel staff and being able to evaluate football players - quarterbacks, offensive linemen, defensive linemen - I'm very confident in his ability to do that and I'm very confident in our ability as a coaching staff to do that. Obviously we've seen something in Matt McGloin that we like and we think there's something there as a quarterback. I think he's proven that. I also think he's proven he's a young player and he's gonna make some mistakes. But I'm very confident in our ability to evaluate all positions."

These players and their coaches have two more games this season but with the both sides of the ball hitting what looks like rock bottom over the past two weeks, there may not be much they could do to pull this team out of its tailspin. A win over the Chargers or Broncos would be a big shocker but it would be seen as more of an fluke at this point.