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Monday Night Football open thread

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It's Monday Night and there is a very important game tonight for playoff seedings to each conference. The Detroit Lions need to win to keep their lead in the NFC North. They play against the Baltimore Ravens who need to win to keep even with the Miami Dolphins for the last wild-card spot in the AFC.

With this game meaning so much to both sides it promises to be a playoff like environment and that was before Ravens' Safety Matt Elam called Lions receiver Calvin Johnson "old". It will be interesting to see if the rookie safety will be able to back up his promise of physical play against the All-World receiver.

It also will be interesting to see if this Lions squad can hold up while the pressure is on. They have appeared to turn the corner as a contender at times this year, and then they have fallen apart other times. They failed on a big chance to increase their NFCN division lead last week against the Eagles, another loss tonight against a tough Baltimore team will cost them their lead altogether.

Despite being abused by our own favorite franchise, we are still all football fans. As such, many of us will be watching this game even if we are not very happy currently with the Oakland Raiders. If we are going to watch it anyway, we might as well chat amongst our fellow Raider fans while doing so.