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Poll: Should Raiders give Dennis Allen a third season?

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Jason O. Watson

As another lost season comes to a close, the question becomes whether or not the Raiders will retain head coach Dennis Allen after possibly his second four win season. There have been arguments on both sides of this debate and both have merit.

Keep him:

The arguments for him keeping his job is what he's had to work with in his two seasons as head coach. Quite possibly the most difficult job any Raiders team has had in fielding talent due to the shoestring budget they have to work with. With their $55 million in dead money, they have the lowest salary in all of football.The two drafts since he arrived haven't helped much either. With the first draft not even starting until the end of the third round and this year's draft class plagued by injuries.

Move on:

The arguments against keeping him is the lack of progress in the win column. The Raiders seem to actually be getting worse as this season goes on with the team looking completely out of their element against teams which they looked like they could have beaten earlier in the season. The Titans walked in for the score late to win it, the Jets scored a season high 37 points on them, and they gave up a franchise high 56 points to the Chiefs. Then there's the franchise record seven TD passes given up to Eagles QB Nick Foles earlier in the season. All this and Allen is a defensive minded coach. Now they are staring down the barrel of a six-game losing streak to finish the season.

But I wanna know what you think...