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NFL week 16 early games open thread: Who Raider fans should root for

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Chat with Raiders fans during the early slate of games.

Frederick Breedon

The Raider kick off at 1:25pm but until then there are quite a few games being played that you football fans could be interested in viewing and talking about. The Raiders ans Chargers make up half the AFC West and they play each other this afternoon. The other half of the AFC West play this morning.

The Chiefs will face the Colts and the Broncos face the Texans. One should be a tight game and the other should not. It should be easy to figure out which is which but in case you are not aware, the Chiefs and Colts are both very good teams while the Broncos and their top rated offense face the worst team in football.

Another game in which Raiders fans should have particular interest is the Jaguars and Titans. With the schedule as it is now the Jaguars are in line to pick ahead of the Raiders in the draft should neither team win. That means Raiders fans should be rooting for the Jaguars to do what the Raiders could not do -- beat the Titans.

The Redskins are also ahead of the Raiders in the draft order. They play the Dallas Cowboys who have the NFL's worst defense (even worse than the Raiders... I know, right?). The Raiders should try and be Reskins fans for a few hours for the sake of raising their draft position. They could win, you never know. Stranger things have happened.

One of the more interesting games this morning, regardless of how it affects the Raiders, is the the Saints vs Panthers. That looks to be a really good game and could be worth watching if it's on.

I guess you can root for the Buccaneers, Browns, and Vikings to win as well but all of the have lesser strength of schedule so they are not likely to move ahead of the Raiders in the draft order anyway.

That should give you plenty to be interested in even besides just enjoying that last couple weeks of NFL games.