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Dennis Allen has seen a catch like the Rod Streater non-TD with opposite result

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Jeff Gross

Late in the game, with 4:46 left in the game, it appeared for an instant that the Raiders had pulled to within six point on a touchdown pass from Matt McGloin to Rod Streater. But no sooner could Raiders fans jump out of their seats did the refs call it incomplete. Dennis Allen challenged the play but it was upheld as called on the field.

It appeared from outward appearances that Streater had made the catch, made a football move and put the ball in the end zone for the touchdown. It even appeared he had gone to the ground with possession before the ball came out. But that wasn't how the officials saw it in the spur of the moment and didn't get conclusive evidence upon review to overturn it.

"That's the tough thing about replay," said Allen after the game. "I had no idea what they would do because that's not my decision to make, but I would hope that they would've had a tough time."

"The rule is you gotta maintain possession all the way through to the ground but I thought he maintained possession all the way through to the ground and then the ball was pulled out after he went to the ground. That was my look at it." Said Allen.

Allen said he has seen a play that suggest precedence in such an instance that was ruled a catch.

"I know what the rule is," said Allen. "It looked to me like after he completed the catch, the ball got pulled out in the end zone. I thought it was similar to the two-point conversion when I was in New Orleans that we had against the Indianapolis Colts that was called a two-point conversion."

As you would expect, Rod Streater was of the same mind about the catch.

"I thought I had a couple of feet down and I made a football move to go into the end zone," Said Streater. "I thought it was a touchdown, but the referees thought it wasn't so you have to go with them."

The play would have put the Raiders squarely back in the game with ample time to try and get a stop on defense and get the ball back. After the play was ruled incomplete, the Raiders had to go back to work on offense as the clock ticked down.

Ultimately it came down to a fourth down play from the goal line that fell incomplete through the arms of Marcel Reece. Even if he'd made the catch, the game would have hinged on an onsides kick recovery and another touchdown drive. It didn't come to that as the Chargers took over on downs and kneeled the clock out.