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Raiders lose but fall in draft order, guaranteed top ten pick

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, even though the Raiders lost again this week, they actually fell in the draft order. They were in the four spot last week and have fallen below the Browns in the draft order due to having the same SOS but Cleveland having a worse conference record. The Raiders now sit in the five spot.

The teams ahead of the Raiders last week were the Texans, Redskins, and Jaguars. None of whom did the Raiders any favors as they all lost. Now since the Browns also lost, they move ahead of the Raiders as well.

On the flip side, the Raiders are out of the running for the number one overall pick but are guaranteed a spot in the top eight picks. Here is how the top ten picks stack up:

1. Houston Texans - 2-13 (.552)

2. St. Louis Rams (via Washington Redskins) - 3-12 (.521)

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - 4-11 (.502)

4. Cleveland Browns - 4-11 (.517) (3-8 conference record)

5. Oakland Raiders - 4-11 (.517) (4-7 conference record)

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 4-11 (.582)

7. Atlanta Falcons - 4-10 (.553)

8. Minnesota Vikings - 4-10-1 (.521)

9. Tennessee Titans - 6-9 (.502)

10. Buffalo Bills - 6-9 (.519)

To see the entire draft order, click here.

Barring a win by the Raiders, their draft slot is not likely to change at the end of the season unless one of either the Redskins, Jaguars, or Browns win their final game.