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Dennis Allen on Terrelle Pryor agent claims "the stupidest thing I've ever friggin' heard"

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Thearon W. Henderson

The other day, Terrelle Pryor's agent, Jerome Stanley, made some waves when he claimed Raiders head coach Dennis Allen was setting up his client to fail by starting him in the team's season finale against the Broncos on Sunday. It was a pretty outlandish claim to say the least. One which Dennis Allen was asked about on Tuesday and his response was pretty appropriate.

"First, I'd say that's the stupidest thing I've ever friggin' heard," said Allen. "No coach in their right mind ... This isn't The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This isn't made-for-TV drama. This is football. We make our football decisions based solely on that, nothing other than that. So I don't really give it a lot of thought. I can't control the ignorance that might come out of somebody else's mouth, but I've talked to Terrelle about it. It's in situations like that you have to separate the player from the agent. He doesn't have control. I don't have control over those things that get said. In my book, it's really nothing. It's one person's opinion and I've moved on from it and ready to focus on the Broncos."

His agent went on to say how he thought Pryor should have been the starter for the final four games of the season just for the sake of developing him and starting McGloin this whole time would seem like a huge mistake should Pryor have a good game Sunday.

"The first thing was is to get Terrelle back to full health and until you got to that point, there really wasn't a whole lot of decisions to be made," said Allen. "That was kind of the first thing and then I've said all along that I wanted to have an opportunity to continue to look at Terrelle and give him opportunities, some games more than others. And this will be a game where he gets a chance to go in there and play."

Pryor quickly went onto social media and apologized for his agent's comments, saying he doesn't share the same views. But the whole situation is quite a distraction for the young quarterback who could have this one last game to try and make a case for himself to start next season.

"I'm very happy that Coach Allen gave me this opportunity," said Pryor. "I know for a fact the man that Coach Allen is. That doesn't even cross my mind - that possibility. So I know he wants to win. He always talks about winning. We have a good game plan, so we're going in to try to beat the Denver Broncos."

So, yeah, focus on the Broncos this week. Then perhaps focus on finding a new agent. Just a thought.