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Rod Streater still attempting to get to 1K yards receiving

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Rod Streater still has the opportunity to be the first Raiders receiver to break 1,000 yards since Randy Moss did it in 2005, the problem is he needs 152 yards to do it. This is definitely possible but it will take a concentrated effort to get him there. Hopefully this will be a major goal for the Raiders going into this Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos.

It would be huge to get Rod to 1,000 yards receiving because any stat that has Randy Moss as the last Raider to do something really needs to be fixed. Besides the amount of time since Moss played for the Raiders, he also never put in the effort as a Raider to warrant being spoken of. This has been a streak of 8 straight years without a 1k yard receiver which is bad enough, but for the last person to do it having been Randy it makes it much worse.

Randy needs to be erased as thoroughly as possible from our memories, he is one of the biggest let downs of the past decade for Oakland. For somebody like Rod Streater who is an UDFA acquisition to come in and finally take Moss' name off the top of this list would really be special. Rod is a true Raider through and through, which is something nobody has nor will ever say about Randy Moss.

The thing about Rod Streater that makes him a true Raider is his heart. This man has that "it" factor that makes him belong in the Silver and Black uniform. He has shown the ability to make tough catches and put his body in the line, and he has shown the instincts and fight to go up and make plays that we haven't seen in a long time.

Beyond what Rod does on the field, it is also what he does off the field. For anybody that follows Streater on Twitter or Instagram it is clear as day how much he loves the Oakland Raiders and its fans. Just take a look at the smile on his face and his excitement at meeting two all time Raiders greats in Fred Biletnikoff and Cliff Branch:

Rod also embraces fans in a way that is really special, he puts himself out there specifically just to say thank you for the support that he gets. He recently gave away four tickets to the Chargers game to fans that Tweeted him pictures of themselves in Raiders gear, and he upped that to 10 tickets for this Sunday's match-up against the Broncos. It is a simple way to thank the fans, but it is a gesture that is not common even in today's Social Media explosion.

These things matter to us fans and to the image of this franchise. There is a brotherhood that we all feel together and for a player to show he feels it too is endearing. Rod has earned his love from The Nation on the field and off so hopefully he gets the opportunity this Sunday to put his name onto the hallowed lists of Raiders who have accomplished the feat of having 1,000 yards. It will be a tough thing to accomplish, but that would only make it all that much more impressive if he can do it.