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Raiders sell out finale 2013 home game vs Broncos

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders have sold out their season finale against the Denver Broncos, as they have for each division rival home game this season. That's means the tarps have officially worked as they have now been televised locally for every game this season.

In case you are wondering, the tarps were added this season to cover up the most upper portions of the stadium which include Mt Davis and a couple sections of the third deck adjacent to it. It brought the attendance down from 63,000 to about 54,000. Add the new 85% rule, and it isn't incredibly difficult to get the minimum required to have the game televised.

Even still, the stadium has been sold out more than not and for a team that has all of 4 wins this season, selling out is an accomplishment even in a 54k seat stadium.

The team has now avoided being blacked out for ten-straight games dating back to last season.