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Terrelle Pryor sets new Raiders quarterback single season rushing mark

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of records set to be broken in this game. The first one, and likely the only one that is of positive note for the Raiders was Terrelle Pryor setting a new franchise quarterback record for a single season.

Pryor came into the game needing just three yards to get the record. He had a two-yard scramble on the first series to tie the record (529) and surpassed it on the team's fourth possession early in the second quarter on a 11-yard scramble.

Rich Gannon had the previous record when he ran for 529 yards in the 2000 season. Pryor finished the game with 49 yards rushing to set the new Raiders quarterback single season rushing mark at 576 yards.

Probably the most impressive thing about Pryor setting this record is he did it while starting just nine games this season. Helping greatly was that huge 93-yard run he had versus the Steelers in week eight of this season.