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Raiders set franchise record for touchdown passes given up

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Justin Edmonds

Another record falls in the game for the Raiders. This one is not the good kind. The Raiders came into this game three touchdown passes away from setting a new franchise record for touchdown passes given up. That record was 31 touchdown passes allowed which was set in 2011. Midway through the second quarter, Peyton Manning threw that third touchdown pass to set a new low for the Raiders at 32 touchdown passes surrendered.

The touchdown pass was a long pass to Damaryius Thomas who got behind cornerback Phillip Adams and safety Brandian Ross for a 63-yard touchdown catch and run.

The first two touchdown passes came in the first quarter. The first came on the Broncos first drive. It was a 3-yard pass to Eric Decker.

The second came on the following series when the Raiders fumbled snap turnover gave the Broncos the ball at the Raiders 21-yard line. The touchdown pass went for 7 yards on a screen to Knowshon Moreno.

Since then, Manning has been adding to that record. He threw his fourth touchdown pass in the closing seconds of the first half. It was a five-yard pass to Demaryius Thomas. Manning also set the new NFL yardage record with 5477 passing yards. The record is now 33 touchdown passes given up. And that's where it will stand.

This was before half time. The only solace for the Raiders was with records in hand, Manning and the Broncos up 31-0, he sat out the second half otherwise it could have been much worse.