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Final Score: Denver ends Raiders season with a beat down 34-14

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Thearon W. Henderson

The Raiders started the game with the ball but they couldn't get a first down with it. The Broncos could though, many of them. They drove right down for a 12 play, 71 yard drive that featured a TD pass to Eric Decker to make the score 7-0 Denver.

The Raiders got the ball back but didn't even get a single play off. A bad snap between Terrelle Pryor and Stefan Wisniewski resulted in a turnover before they could get even one play off. Denver took over at the Raiders 21 and didn't take long to make the score 14-0. This TD came on a 7 yard TD pass to Knowshon Moreno.

Oakland got a first down on their next drive which was their first of the day. Unfortunately it was the only one they got on that drive and again had to punt it back to the Broncos.

The punt was covered well and the Broncos started at their own 35. They still managed to drive for a field goal anyway to make the score 17-0. It could have been worse if it wasn't for a sack by Lamarr Houston that caused the drive to lose momentum.

Once the Raiders got the ball back this time they actually got a little something going. It turned into just a bunch of nothing after getting to mid-field though. Pryor did become the official record holder for rushing yards at QB for the Raiders before the drive was lost.

Denver must have thought we see your record and we raise you because shortly after they got the ball they scored another TD. This one came on a beautiful deep pass to Demaryius Thomas who got behind two defenders. The TD made the score 24-0, but more than that it was Denver's 595th point in the 2013 season to set a new all-time NFL record.

Surprise, surprise. The Raiders continued to be unable to get anything going once again. The next drive was another 3 and out for Oakland and they had to give the ball back to Manning and company with 3 minutes left in the first half.

Surprise, suprise. Peyton Manning took the team down and scored another TD, making it 31-0 at halftime. This set another record for Manning,  this one was for most passing yards in a single season in NFL history. He went 25-28 for 266 yards and 4 TD's, IN ONE HALF.

Mercifully the Broncos came out in the second half with their back up QB Brock Osweiler in instead of Peyton Manning who did well enough to not be needed in the 2nd half. Even Brock was getting a drive going pretty well for Denver but the drive failed at midfield. They went to punt for the first time of the game and the Raiders got in and blocked the punt.

After that the Raiders had the ball in Denver territory for the first time all game. They still couldn't get anything at all going with a 3 and out but at least they were in field goal range already. That is normal field goal range but when Sebastian Janikowksi came in he missed the 42 yarder for his 9th miss of the year. That is more than the previous two seasons combined and left the Raiders still without a point down 31-0.

Denver took over at their own 32 after the missed field goal and drove the ball onto the Raiders side of the field. After that they stalled again though thanks to a 3rd down sack by Raiders rookie Sio Moore. The Broncos had to punt it again and this time they got it off cleanly though it did bounce into the end-zone for a touchback.

Oakland's next drive featured their biggest play of the day on a 24 yard pass to Denarius Moore. They couldn't capitalize on the play though and had to punt it 3 plays later. Denver took over at their own 16.

Denver looked like their drive was going to be done two different times before it actually did get stopped. The Broncos completed two 3rd down conversions on the drive but they couldn't continue that streak when Charles Woodson sacked Brock Osweiler on their next 3rd down attempt. It knocked them just outside field goal range and they decided to punt instead of take a long field goal.

The Raiders actually got a pretty nice drive going but again it was all for nothing. They got to the Broncos 40 yard line but that is as far as they got. They went for it on 4th down but the pass attempt was incomplete and Denver took it over on downs. The reason the Raiders went for it on 4th down there was because they still hadn't scored a point in the game yet and were desperate to get something on the board. But they failed, again.

The Broncos took over the ball at their own 40 and managed to get into field goal range. Their kicker Matt Prater booted it in from 54 yards out to make the score 34-0 with 6:30 left in the game. It was a 6 play, 22 yard drive to allow the field goal attempt.

Oakland hadn't been shut out since October of 2011 in Carson Palmer's opening game as a Raider, and thankfully they didn't get shut out today either. The next drive the Raiders finally got some momentum going with some nice passes to Denarius Moore, Andre Holmes and finally a 14 yard TD to Rod Streater.

The score came after a 4th down play that had a 21 yard penalty for defensive pass interference that kept the drive alive. The TD made the score 34-7 and was a very small moral victory for the team to at least not get shut out in this laugher. The Raiders recovered the following onside kick, but it was disallowed due to an off-sides penalty. They got a 2nd chance at the onside kick but Denver recovered it this time.

It looked like Denver's TE Jacob Tamme had made an impressive one handed catch to keep the Broncos drive alive but it was overturned upon review. Instead of getting the first it was a 3 and out instead and they had to punt it back to the Raiders for one last drive.

Oakland again got a drive going despite it being garbage time. If Pryor had played like this all game it wouldn't have been such an embarrassing performance for the team. He had two first down runs and completed passes to 5 different receiver on his way for a second TD. This one came on a 9 yard pass to utility TE Nick Kasa for a TD, Kasa's first TD of his career. It made the score 34-14, and that is what the final score ended as after Denver ran out the remaining clock.