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Tyvon Branch returns to practice for Raiders

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last Friday, Raiders safety Tyvon Branch worke out on the practice field with trainers to check if he was healthy enough to return to practice this week. He had been out with an injured ankle since week two of the season. Friday head coach Dennis Allen said that was indeed to hope for Branch to return to practice this week.

"They took Tyvon out on the field today and worked him out," said Allen. "I don't know exactly how that went. But, I am hopeful that he can be back out at practice and begin getting himself back ready to play."

Dennis Allen got the good news he was hoping for and his former starting safety has returned to practice.

"I thought he moved around pretty well today," said Allen. "I'll go up and kind of look at the tape and see where he's at but just getting him back on the field is a big boost obviously to him but to all of us."

It is a possibility Branch plays this week when the Raiders take on the Jets in New York. Having Branch back would help a great deal. He has been replaced through ten games by Brandian Ross and the results have not been positive. Dennis Allen said on Friday he wouldn't expect Branch to take long to be ready to play. He reiterated that on Wednesday.

"If he's healthy enough to play, he'll play," Allen continued. "I think that's what we've gotta do as we watch practice this week and see where he's at physically and can he go out and play at a high level in an NFL football game. And if he can do that, he'll play."

Branch is a native of New York so he will undoubtedly be playing in front of a lot of friends and family. Good timing for him. Good timing for the Raiders would have probably have been a couple weeks ago. His presence may have been able to prevent the defensive collapse the past two weeks.