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Jaguars vs Texans Thursday night 'Toilet Bowl' open thread

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Bob Levey

It is the battle of the bottom tonight and it's possible this one could be entertaining based solely on ineptitude. The Jaguars were at one time the worst team in football and only thanks to a ten game losing streak did the Texans supplant them.

To be fair, the Jaguars have actually played well of late. They have gone 3-1 in the past four games. Although since they began the season 0-8, they are still the second worst team in the NFL based on record and strength of schedule just behind the Texans.

There have been some entertainingly bad games in prime time this season between two teams trying to out terrible the other. There was the Monday Night stinker between the Giants and Vikings week 8. Then there was the Vikings and Redskins on Thursday night in week 10. Then last week it was the Giants vs Redskins on Sunday night.

Hopefully the Jaguars and Texans can live up to that level of hilarity.