Early 14' Draft Post (RP20)

Even if I'm not going to be here much commenting on a daily basis, I do love the draft and it doesn't feel like a warzone, it is something most of us like to talk about, especially when the team is struggling or we had a bad strecth at the end of the season. Anyway, this is how I think the draft order will be like (how it will somehow look):

1. Houston

2. Atlanta

3. Tampa Bay

4. Cleveland

5. Washington (STL picks here, though. RG3 trade)

6. NYJ

7. Jax

8. Minnessotta

9. Buffalo

10. SD

11. Oak

12. Pitt

13. NYG

14. Tenn

15. STL

16. Chicago

17. Green Bay

18. Miami

19. Dallas

20. Arizona

21. Baltimore

22. SF

23. KC

24. Detroit

25. CAR

26. PHI

27. Indy (CLE picks here, though. Trent Richardson trade).

28. CIN

29. NO

30. Den

31. NE

32. Sea

With that said: The Raiders would have the 11th pick in the draft. What I'd do is trade that pick with a team like, say, Cleveland. They need a QB and would love another impact player with the 11th overall. I think it would be reasonable to swap 1st rounders, and ask for their 2nd and 4th rounders, too. If that's how it pans out, we'd have:

1st - Pick 27

2nd - Picks 36 and 43

3rd - Pick 75

4th - Picks 100 and 107

5th - No picks

6th - Pick 171

7th - Picks 203 and 212.

I'm pretty sure we will get a Complimentary pick here and there, and that Reggie will probably pull off a trade in the later rounds like he did in the 4th round last draft. But this is the only scenario that I see that you can say it will for sure happen ( I can't see Reggie not trading in the first).

So with that said, this is a deep class that has some sleepers that people don't hear about. Let's start.

Round 1, Pick 27: Trent Murphy, DE, Stanford. 6'6'', 261 lbs.

Murphy is a great 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB. He is the pure definition of versatile and has great size. He is a high character guy and is a very good pass rusher as well as a disciplined run defender. He plays with great fundamentals and is disciplined, and is a leader on a pretty good Stanford team. He has great awareness and bats passes down at the line of scrimmage when he can't get to the QB. I like to look at him as a better pass rushing version of Lamarr Houston. Him and Houston would make a great edge defense.

2012 Stats: 38 Solo tackles, 18 Assisted tackles. 18 Tackles for a loss. 10 Sacks. 40 yard pick-6. 5 Batted passes.

2013 Stats: 28 Solo tackles, 23 Assisted tackles. 19.5 Tackles for a loss. 13 Sacks. 30-yard pick-6. 6 Batted passes. (He still has 2 games to go. He has started every game the last 2 seasons).

Round 2, Pick 36: Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State. 6'3'', 210 lbs.

Robinson has all that it takes physically to be a very good WR. He has the speed, size, and athletic ability overall to be a top wideout at the next level. He has very good hands and is mostly reliable, he has been PSU's top target (in 2012 for Matt McGloin) for 2 straight years and is probably going to be in the draft this upcoming draft after his rookie campaign. His ability to catch the football anywhere on the field (deep routes, short routes, intermediate routes and screens) make him very valuable. He will very probably slip to the 2nd because of the likes of flashy WRs like Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins and Odell Beckam Jr. But he has it all and is a guy with the work ethic and character to put it all together in the NFL.

2012 Stats: 77 Receptions, 1018 YDS, 11 TDs.

2013 Stats: 97 Receptions, 1432 YDS, 6 TD. (His stats went up except TDs, but this is impressive considering he was playing with a true freshman QB in Chris Hackenberg. He started every game the past 2 seasons).

Round 2, Pick 43: Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh. 6'0'', 285 lbs.

Believe me when I say the only reason he isn't labeled a first rounder is that he is a little undersized for the position and that he comes from a smaller school. This guy is a beast at DT and sounds like the next Geno Atkins. He has amazing quickness off the line and even with his size he controls his gap well in the run game. He is a great interior pass rusher, maybe the best at DT in this draft, and he is an ideal 3 tech, which is used in the base 4-3 that we have. He is like the Russel Wilson of DT's, he isn't a first rounder because he is undersized.

(Take into account these stats are as a DT, which makes it EXTREMELY impressive).

2012 Stats: 42 Solo tackles, 22 Assisted tackles. 18.5 Tackles for a loss, 5.5 sacks, 1 Forced Fumble.

2013 Stats: 41 solo tackles, 13 Assisted tackles. 26.5 Tackles for a loss. 10 sacks. 4 Forced Fumbles.

He started every game the past 2 seasons.

Not convinced? Watch this:

Round 3, Pick 75: Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington. 5'10'', 203 lbs.

Absolute beast of a RB, and the kind of RB who will be a feature back in the NFL. He has it all. He can block for his QB, he can definitely run it, he can catch out of the backfield and even as a WR. Again, the maybe 15 pounds he doesn't have are the reason he isn't being looked at as a first or 2nd rounder. But if we don't pick him here, he is GONE, guaranteed. With DMac basically gone, we need a guy who will be our workhouse (and could very possibly be it for several years. He's a high character guy too and runs hard, is passionate, very smart, and tough. He has amazing shiftness and can change direction at great speed in a matter of half a second. He just broke the school record for yards from scrimmage set by Corey Dillon back in the late 90's, with 2073. Impressive young RB that could be the real thing at the next level, and I still cannot see how he is projected to go in the 3rd or 4th round, he is a first round talent. He is just unknown, apparently.

2012 Stats: 1439 Rush yards, 5 Yards per Carry, 16 Rush TD. 33 Receptions for 249 yards.

2013 Stats: 1775 Rush yards, 5.8 Yards per Carry, 18 Rush TD. 25 Receptions for 298 yards and a TD.

(He started every game the past 2 seasons).

Round 4, Pick 100: Anthony Steen, Offensive Guard, Alabama. 6'3'' 309 lbs.

Like most OG's that don't fit an ''elite'' category, he will be projected higher than he will actually go. Guards usually start getting picked in the late 3rd or 4th when someone picks one, then a run starts. Steen is the best of this class in my opinion, but there are others projected to go before him. Well, at least he is the best PBS prospect to me. Everyone knows 'Bama's success always comes from a VERY strong running game and a great D. Steen was the starting right guard for that kind of team, you gotta believe he is a player. He has a mean-streak, he is a nasty player, he seals off defenders and is really quick off the ball. Was a team captain last season and is very tough and competitive. I'd like to see him be the solution to our huge problem at the OG position.

He started 9 games as a sophomore and started in every game the past 2 seasons.

Round 4, Pick 107: Jon Halapio, Offensive Guard, Florida. 6'3'', 321 lbs.

Definition of ''mauler''. He is just a big, big, big guy who is physically what you look for in a PBS OG. In fact, he is almost perfect as a run blocker, rarely misses assignments and when he gets on a defender, forget it. He needs to work on pass pro, but the good thing is that Tony Sparano is the OLine coach and he is known to make no name OLinemen into the best. Between Steen and Halapio our OLine could go from a bad one in 2013 to a young and promising one in 2014. The OLine needs depth and better players inside, so drafting 2 OG's is not wrong here.

He has started every game since his Sophomore seasons, except the first 2 of his Senior season.

Round 6, Pick 171: Sean Parker, Free Safety, Washington. 5'10'', 190 lbs.

A pretty solid FS who has been a ball hawking DB for Washington for 2 years. He plays aggressive and with technique. He is versatile, having played his sophomore season at nickel CB. He has good coverage skills and rarely misses tackles. He will be a good player to have if we get him in the 6th. Team Captain during the 2013 season. Really instinctive. He needs coaching to stay disciplined and take one real single high responsibility, he isn't the most athletic but he does seem to make plays against any team, even if it's one of the best teams.

2012 Stats: 54 Solo tackles, 23 Assisted tackles. 3.5 Tackles for a loss. 2 INTs. 2 Forced Fumbles.

2013 Stats: 42 Solo tackles, 18 Assisted tackles. 3.5 Tackles for a loss. 4 INTs. 1 Sack.

Has started every game the past 2 seasons.

Round 7, Pick 203: Glenn Carson, ILB, Penn State. 6'3'', 235 lbs.

Never an impact player at Penn State as a guy who got turnovers or sacks, but he is a hard working guy who started the whole year for PSU at MLB and a team captain too. Not really prototypical as he lacks the weight to really be a consistent starter at LB but he is a good pickup in the 7th, he may be able to play an important role for us with Special Teams and be a decent fill-in at LB in case of any injuries. He is disciplined and fundamental in his play so he won't be a liability.

Started every game this season at PSU. Had 90 combined tackles (although only 43 Solo. 4 Tackles for a loss and a sack.

Round 7, Pick 212: Jacob Pedersen, TE, Wisconsin. 6'4'', 240 lbs.

This guy is like Brandon Myers 2.0, but with an actual chance of getting better and with decent blocking ability, he is actually a pretty good blocker. Wisconsin went heavy running the past 2 seasons but he did manage to get decent stats as a pass catcher, and he was a starting TE in a run heavy scheme which speaks well about his run blocking. Unlike Myers, he probably will improve and give the Raiders a chance of being versatile with the formations and personel groups once he develops. Al Saunders is the guy to develop him, which will help him where he needs it most, catching (although like I said, he is already a decent pass catcher. Imagine him as a Joel Dressen (with the Broncos LAST YEAR or with the Texans before that) type player behind a true No.1 TE, if he develops nicely.

2012 Stats: 27 Receptions, 355 YDS, 4 TDs.

2013 Stats: 36 Receptions, 501 YDS, 3 TDs.

(Remember he did this in a run heavy scheme. He missed some games, although nothing serious. Missed 2 of 26 possible games.)

I know many things can change between now and then but this is what I would like to happen on draft day, something like this. It fits the type of players Reggie likes and has a lot of players that we need as BPA's too, which made it fun to do. More trades can happen and comp picks could come, the Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine games will happen, and the Combine too, this is just an early look at it.