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Week 14 afternoon games open thread

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Chat with Raiders fans during the slate of afternoon games.


There are a few interesting games in the afternoon to watch. Two division rivals are playing, along with a regional rival.

The two division rivals playing are the Broncos who are taking on the Titans. Yeah, not sure the Titans will be more than a speed bump for the Broncos, but there you go.

The Chargers are facing the Giants who at one point would have been a joke. They began the season 0-6 but now they have won five of their last six and are suddenly looking like a playoff contender. This is what Eli Manning does. No one really know quite how but he pulls this crap and then wins Super Bowls. His brother smokes competition and sets records in the regular season and then gets beaten in the playoffs (except for that one time). Go figure.

A nifty side story here is that when Eli Manning was in the draft, the Chargers had the number one overall pick. He told the Chargers not to draft him because he wouldn't sign. They drafted him anyway and then traded his rights to the Giants. So, there is probably a little bit of bad blood still there.

If you are in the Bay Area, or perhaps just about anywhere for that matter, you will see the 49ers take on the Seahawks in what should be an epic battle. The Seahawks are a Super Bowl favorite at 11-1 on the season and just smoked the Saints last week up in Seattle. We'll see how they handle the 49ers in San Francisco. It should be a great game.

The last game on the docket is the Cardinals vs Rams. Carson Palmer takes on the swarming Rams defense led by Howie's son Chris Long.

Enjoy as much football as you can. There is just one more month of regular season left.