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Raiders at Jets 2nd half open thread

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Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
The opening drive for the game belonged to the Jets and they were able to get 3 points right away. It really was just due to one big play to Santonio Holmes though, after that the Oakland defense came up with three straight stops to force the field goal.

Oakland got to midfield on their first drive on the back of a nice play to Marcel Reece but a botched snap, a short run and a check down pass eliminated any chance to score on the drive. Then Marquette King proceeded to boot the ball thru the endzone for just a 30 net yard punt.

A beautiful diving interception by Kevin Burnett gave the ball to the Raiders in field goal range but Oakland did not score on the possession. The offense sputtered and then Sebastian Janikowski missed the long field goal attempt. It is cold and harsh weather so long field goals are not sure things, but it still is frustrating seeing Jano continue to struggle.

New York hadn't scored a TD in 8 quarters, but the next drive ended that streak in just the 1st quarter of this game. It was on a hail mary like throw where there were three Raiders nearby but none of them were able to jump for the ball. The score after that was 10-0 with just under 4 minutes left in the opening quarter.

After the early disappointments on the first two drives, and the 10 point deficit, the Raiders decided it was time for another look at Terrelle Pryor. He had a couple of nice plays and a couple not nice but the drive was really about Marcel Reece. The 5:47 drive faltered late though so the Raiders only got a field goal out of it making the score 10-3.

The Jets had a couple of 3rd down conversions on their next drive but the Raiders defense stopped them without giving up any points. After the one drive with Pryor it was once again Matt McGloin coming out for Oakland, unfortunately it was for a drive starting at the 2 after a beautiful punt by the Jets. It did not end well.

After a couple of runs by Reece gained enough space for a pass attempt, they really wished they hadn't tried one. McGloin threw a really ugly interception right into multiple defenders, it was lucky not to have been returned for a touchdown. The Raiders defense came up big though as they have plenty of times in goalline situations this year and only gave up a field goal to make the score 13-3 NY.

Somewhat surprisingly after the terrible interception it was once again Matt McGloin coming out as the quarterback for the raiders next drive. The result was a 3 and out which became much worse after the punt was blocked and recovered for a touchdown. It was the easiest blocked punt I have ever seen, and it made the score 20-3.

Why the Raiders put in Pryor for the one drive became less and less clear as once again it was McGloin coming out for the Raiders. The result of the drive was no difference than last time out as it was another 3 and out for Oakland. At least this punt was able to be gotten off without it being blocked though.

The Jets were reasonably content with their 20-3 lead and ran out the rest of the clock to go into half time. Any team would be content when they scored the equivalent to their last 3 games in the first half of one. This game was suppose to be the Raiders best chance the rest of the way to add a win and they are being blown out, its not a good sign for the rest of the way.