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Charles Woodson with some harsh words: Raiders defense "peed down our legs"

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Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Losing as the Raiders have been losing is starting to wear on Charles Woodson. He is a must interview after every game because of his candor. He is a future Hall of Fame defensive back who is playing in perhaps his final season in the NFL and pulls no punches.

Early in the season, he was much more optimistic and there weren't as many punches to consider pulling. But after the Raiders complete collapse against the Jets on Sunday, he let his frustration out about how terrible this team played.

"That's as embarrassing a game that I've ever been a part of." Charles Woodson told the media after the game as reported by ESPN's Paul Gutierrez. "We were like the Bad News Bears out there today. Defensively, we went out there and basically peed down our legs."

This isn't simply frustration, though. The defense was truly horrific in this game. They have been getting increasingly worse each week of the season and this one was a disaster from start to finish.

Early in the season the defense was the one real positive to be had. By midseason, they had begun to falter late in games. Last week against the Cowboys, that collapse began in the second quarter. This Sunday, in a game the Raiders offense was the clear winner, the defense couldn't stop the Jets from scoring.

We are talking about a Jets team with one of the worst offenses in the NFL. An offense that hadn't scored a touchdown in two weeks, hadn't scored more than 30 in any game this season, and whose quarterback hadn't thrown a touchdown since October. Yet the Raiders made the Jets' offense look prolific.

The Jets scored four times in the first half (two touchdowns, two field goals) and score on their first three possessions of the second half (two touchdowns, one field goal). They only punted the ball twice in the game.

The offense offered the Raiders every opportunity to win by scoring on all four of their second half possessions (three touchdowns, one field goal). But with the defense giving those scores right back, they had no shot to overcome the 20-3 half time deficit.

So, yeah, "Bad News Bears"... "peed down our legs"... sounds about right. The Raiders defenders felt this. Woodson's teammates are glad to have someone with the clout and veteran leadership to step up and say it.