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South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore should draw Raiders interest

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Marcus Lattimore is a compelling prospect in this year's draft. He is treading into Michael Bush territory where he was once considered a clear cut first round pick but due to injuries is most likely going to be taken some time in the mid rounds. Raiders anyone?

Kevin C. Cox

The scary part about Marcus Lattimore is that it is now two seasons in a row where he suffered season ending knee injuries. The second knee injury that he went through this past season for the South Carolina Gamecocks was so bad that when it happened players from both teams joined in prayer on the field.

The second knee injury he went through tore 3 out of the 4 ligaments in his knee and is compared to the injury that Willis McGahee suffered while he was playing his final season at Miami. It was especially devastating considering how well he had been playing after his first knee injury ended his sophmore year.

The surgeon that did the surgery is named Dr. Jeff Guy and has proclaimed that Lattimore suffered no cartilage damage to his knee from the injury and has said that he is right where he needs to be in the rehab process to avoid any further surgeries.

Marcus finished his career with some pretty dang impressive numbers for being limited by injuries. For playing only three seasons and having two of those seasons cut short he still finished with 2,677 rushing yards and 38 touchdowns.

Without the injuries that Lattimore has gone through he had top 10 pick potential. Due to the serious injuries now he is likely to go sometime in the middle rounds. His coach at South Carolina is the well known Steve Spurrier who says he agrees 100% with Marcus' decision to enter the draft, despite at first appearing as though he would come back for another season.

Michael Bush went through a similar fall from grace after a serious leg injury derailed his final season at Louisville. He fell all the way to the 4th round of the draft where the Raiders were lucky to get him. They struck gold (Or at least Silver) once with a running back falling to the mid rounds, should they try their luck again in 2013 with Marcus Lattimore?

I definitely would have to consider adding him. He is a violent runner that has a ton of potential if he can battle through the injuries. He also is the larger running back the Raiders really should add to the roster this off-season at 6 feet and 232lbs. It could really help the non-existent red zone attack that Oakland had last year.

You also might know the name of one of the team of doctors that Marcus has been working with, its one Dr. James Andrews. Marcus has said that Dr. Andrews has repeatedly told him that he will shock the world with his complete comeback from the devastating injury.