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Silver mining: Raiders news 2/13

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Your daily dose of Raiders news links from across the internet.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

PFT Live: Will Palmer be the Raiders’ QB? | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio gives the Oakland Raiders an offseason to-do list. The Raiders need to decide whether they will keep Carson Palmer at quarterback. Based on recent performance, he's making too much money.

Oakland Raiders need to improve offensive line

The biggest deficiency on the Oakland Raiders' offense is up front.

Offseason Forecast: Oakland Raiders -
The Oakland Raiders slumped to 4-12 this season, missing the playoffs for the 10th straight year. In the latest Offseason Forecast, Dan Hanzus breaks down the Raiders' imposing challenge.

2013 NFL Draft: Ranking the Linebackers | February | 2013 Articles
Tyler Hunt ranks the top 5 Outside and Inside Linebackers available in the 2013 NFL Draft

Best Options for the Oakland Raiders in the Third Round of the 2013 NFL Draft - Yahoo! Sports
From Yahoo! Sports: COMMENTARY | It was rather difficult to watch the Oakland Raiders' secondary attempt to play defense in 2012.