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Raiders new OC Greg Olson sees no number one receiver on roster

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Raiders new offensive coordinator Greg Olson has had a few weeks now to look over his new roster and he has come to the same conclusion as most of us - there is no number one receiver.

It isn't a revelation that the Raiders found very few wide receivers they could trust last season. The two top receivers by the end of the season were Denarius Moore and Rod Streater and both were among the league leaders in drops on catchable balls.

Two seasons ago, it was Darrius Heyward-Bey who looked like he might break out and become the top receiver the Raiders hoped he would be when they spent the number seven overall pick on him. He came back down to earth last season.

When Greg Olson arrived, his manta was to tailor the Raiders offense around the weapons he has. That list of high powered weapons does not include a number one receiver who should be fed the ball. He will tell you what he does see, though.

"I do see, though, obviously a young group of wide receivers that are talented and yet they're still developing," said Olson to reporters Wednesday. "As a group, as an overall group of players, I do see a good skill set in that group overall. And they're all kind of different when you look at them. There's not one that really jumps out or sticks out... they are still developing."

Free agency is coming up and there are a few receivers set to enter the market who could fill that number one receiver spot. That kind of player is one Olson would like to have but if he doesn't get one, he will make do.

"Certainly you'd like to have someone like [a number one receiver], someone who stands out above the rest," said Olson. "If we don't have a guy who is significantly better than everybody else, let's find a way to spread the ball around, which makes it very difficult to defend as well if you're doing it that way. Certainly you'd love to have a Calvin Johnson type guy. If you don't, find a different way to move the football."

That different way to move the football was what the Raiders were stuck doing last year with their unreliable wide receiver corps. The team leader in catches was tight end Brandon Myers.

As Olson mentioned, he will be utilizing Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece a lot but without a viable threat at receiver, the defense will focus on the running backs and this new offense will have plenty of problems of its own.

We'll see soon how much of a priority Olson and the Raiders put on finding that number one receiver they lack.