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Greg Olson is making a strong first impression

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New offensive coordinator Greg Olson has been in the news quite a bit this week after speaking to reporters for the first times as the OC of the Raiders. The change of pace is refreshing and exactly what the Raiders needed from their new OC. photo of Greg Olson photo of Greg Olson

One of the biggest complaints last year about the coaching staff was the lack of answers at press conferences and with the media. Every answer from Dennis Allen came out in coach-speak (purposely evasive or uninformative) and then former OC Greg Knapp would do his best parakeet impression by simply repeating DA's answers.

Well not anymore good people of Raider Nation! Now we have been given an OC that not only is saying the things that the fans were hoping to hear, but also being honest when speaking of his critique of the team. It is so different than the norm around Oakland that I can hardly believe my eyes and ears.

As already reported by our own Levi Damien, Olson has come out strong with his opinions of where the team is. There is no doubt that the Raiders are missing a number one receiver and there is no doubt that Terrelle Pryor is still raw, but I would have been shocked to hear Dennis Allen come out publicly and say so clearly where the team currently stands.

Greg Olson on the other hand seems more than willing to say what the fans already know. I for one appreciate that type of honesty greatly. When the season is closer he will be forced to refrain some and go into the standard coach-speak too, but it is a refreshing change to hear him be willing to answer questions so decisively.

This is exactly the type of start from the new OC that the Raiders needed to have. The fan base is naturally impatient with the team and the clouds of silence hanging around the coaches only added to the already substantial frustration with the fans. The new OC needed to break through that to be able to gain some trust from the disgruntled Raider Nation.

Obviously if the season comes and the words turn out to be hollow it will have not done any good to get the fan base to embrace Greg Olson more, but many can't help but feel better and better about the OC choice with each additional quote they hear from Olson.

The players he wants to incorporate, the areas of the team he wants to strengthen, the former coach Jon Gruden who most effected his style of coaching. All of those things are helping Raider Nation get a better understanding of the man who will run their offense and the excitement level is already starting to grow.

If Greg Olson backs up what he is saying by making sure it happens on the field there will be no doubt that the Raiders hired the right coach this time around. The quotes coming from Olson are exciting and creating a possibility of mixing this new Raiders Era with classic Raiders style. Hopefully the result will be something we are happy to talk about for years and years to come.