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Will Jadeveon Clowney try to fight rule to enter draft?

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There is a rule where players have to be at least 3 years removed from High School before they can play in the NFL. This rule has been fought twice in recent times and neither time was the player able to overcome the restriction. Jadeveon Clowney, star Defensive End for the South Carolina Gamecocks, may try to be a third player to attempt to fight that rule.


Right now it appears that Clowney is going to try to get an insurance policy in case of injury during his next season at South Carolina but he could still attempt to fight the rule. He hasn't made that decision as of yet. If he were to try and fight the rule and sign an agent he would be forfeiting his eligibility to play college ball.

Two players in not so distant history have tried to fight in the courts to overturn the rule instated by the NFL but both failed miserable. Mike Williams out of USC was forced to sit out a year before being picked by the Lions (Matt Millen, great LB but terrible GM) in the top 10 despite not playing the year before, but came in out of shape and never became the player he was thought to be.

The other player that fought the rule was Maurice Clarett who fell all the way to the 3rd round and then notoriously signed an incentive laced contract instead of the offered $1M dollar signing bonus. He then proceeded to bust his way out of the league before training camp was even done his rookie season.

Needless to say, fighting the system did not work out well for either of those players. However, just because it didn't work for them does not mean it wouldn't work for Clowney. Anybody who saw what Jadeveon was able to do on the field in college knows that he will be a monster in the NFL. If he was able to fight the system and win it would be a momentous moment for younger players and it would immediately pay millions for Clowney.

If Clowney was able to pull a fast one on the NFL and win his elegibility for the 2013 draft all hell would then break lose on draft boards. If some miracle were to happen and Clowney would fall to number 3 he would be a no brainer selection for the Raiders. Don't get too excited though because A) He wont win if he tries to fight the rule and B) He wouldn't fall to number 3 in the draft.

Still this is a major developing story regarding the draft and one that definitely should be mentioned here. I have mixed feelings on the rule because with football and younger players I don't know how they could handle entering the draft too early with their bodies still developing, but that would not at all be a problem for Clowney. He is ready for the NFL.

It will be interesting to see which direction he goes but most likely he will just end up going after an insurance policy instead. If he were to enter the draft though that would be amazing and the Raiders would definitely have to consider doing whatever they needed to do to get the beast of a man into the Silver and Black colors.