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Silver Mining: Raiders news 2/15

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Your daily dose of Raiders news from around the internet.

A member of the Oakland Raiders 'Pet Delegation'
A member of the Oakland Raiders 'Pet Delegation'
Oakland Raiders

‘Shutdown Corner’ offseason TPS report: Oakland Raiders | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

Over the next few weeks, "Shutdown Corner" will pay homage to "Office Space" (TPS reports) as we take a quick look back at each team's 2012 season and a look at what lies ahead for the 2013 offseason. We continue with the Oakland Raiders

Does Charles Woodson fit in AFC West? - AFC West Blog - ESPN

The Green Bay Packers have officially released longtime star defensive back Charles Woodson. Woodson is 36 and has been dealing with injuries. But the future Hall of Famer is expected to draw interest because he is still considered a solid player. How would he fit on each of the AFC West teams?

Raider Nation - The Pet Delegation

Caution: Extreme cuteness

Video: This isn't Raiders news but who cares, IT'S A F#@KING GIANT METEOR!!

Video: Al Davis and John Madden accept Super Bowl XI trophy

A short video with original footage of former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle presenting Al Davis and John Madden the Super Bowl trophy after their Super Bowl XI victory over the Minnesota Vikings in 1977. It was the Raiders first of three Super Bowl trophies.