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Alec Ogletree off field issues have stock dropping, off Raiders draft board

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Former Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree was arrested this weekend for DUI which makes the latest in a string of run-ins with the law that have the inside linebacker's stock dropping and keeping him off the Raiders draft board altogether.

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The Raiders need a middle linebacker. They gave up on troubled former top pick Rolando McClain last season and are almost certain to cut him this off-season. McClain's departure puts middle linebacker among the Raiders' top priorities to fill either in free agency or the draft.

Should the Raiders not find a suitable replacement for McClain in free agency, the next step would be to try and find one in the draft. One of the top inside linebackers in the draft will not be on that draft board - Alec Ogletree.

If there was one recurring theme in the draft picks Reggie McKenzie made in his first year at the helm it was that character was a top priority. There are few prospects this year who have more character concerns than Ogletree.

The latest incident for the troubled linebacker happened this past weekend when he was pulled over and cited for driving under the influence. This incident alone is not good for a player who is a couple months away from hoping to hear his name called by commissioner Goodell in the NFL draft. But it isn't an isolated incident for Ogletree.

Getting into trouble is a near annual ritual for Alec. He was suspended for the first four games of the 2011 season at Georgia after he and former teammate Baccari Rambo reportedly failed drug tests. The year before, he was arrested and charged with the theft of a Georgia track athlete's motorcycle helmet and was suspended for the first game of his collegiate career.

It's hard to say how many strikes Ogletree will be allowed to have in the eyes of most NFL GM's but we know three is far too many for Reggie McKenzie.

The Raiders as an organization also have no interest in replacing one problem child with another. Especially at a position which carries as much importance as middle linebacker.

Ogletree's skills on the field are undeniable which means a team will take a chance on him. It will likely be a team running a 3-4 so he will be one of two inside linebackers as opposed to the leader of the defense.

He isn't considered a can't miss type prospect anyway and could very likely be surpassed by Notre Dame's Manti Te'o even with his odd off field issues and LSU's Kevin Minter. This would very likely have Ogletree falling out of the first round altogether.

The Raiders could very well show interest in an inside linebacker high in the draft although it wouldn't come at third overall. If they wanted either Te'o or Minter, it would only happen if they were to trade down. Then it would be with the lower first round pick or perhaps a second round pick if they can pick one up in the trade.