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Silver Mining: Raiders news 2/18

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Your daily dose of Raiders news from across the internet.

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Ethan Miller

By the Numbers: 2012 Raiders statistics from PFF and FBO
A compilation of stats from Pro Football Focus and Football Outsiders

Al Davis And Jerry Buss: Different Sides Of Same Coin - Just Blog Baby
The sports world has been rocked by the passing of longtime Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss. One of the most successful men in the history of sport

Oakland Raiders Could Get Boost From More Cautious Darren McFadden
Darren McFadden is without a contract beyond 2013 and hopefully that will equate to a great season for the Oakland Raiders.

NFL Mock Draft 2013: Raiders projected to pick Star Lotulelei in latest mock draft - SB Nation Bay Area
SB Nation's latest mock draft has the Raiders picking Utah DT Star Lotulelei in the first round.

Michael Huff makes USA TODAY Sports' 21st All-Joe team
Alex Smith seemed headed to his first Pro Bowl three months ago. That was before a concussion derailed his season and, in all likelihood, put his career on a new track. Though Smith has sacrificed quite a bit,