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Video: Terrelle Pryor was 2-sport top recruit out of high school

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A video of Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor as a high school star recruit in both football and basketball.

Many of you may know Terrelle Pryor was a top football recruit coming out of high school. But what you may not know is he was also a top 20 recruit in basketball as well.

A supreme athlete on both the field and the court, he had his choice which sport in which he would try and make his future. He chose football and had several of the nation's top schools eager to hand him the keys to their offense.

Pryor would, of course choose Ohio State to remain close to his family in their hometown of Jeannette Pennsylvania. He would be given the starting quarterback job at Ohio State as a freshman and lead the Buckeye's to a Rose Bowl championship as a Sophomore.

He would leave Ohio State after his junior year and entered the 2011 NFL Supplemental draft where he was selected by the Oakland Raiders in the third round.

He got his first NFL start in the final game of last season and showed the kind of athleticism which had him so highly recruited in two sports out of high school and a star quarterback for Ohio State for three seasons.