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Silver mining: Raiders news 2/20

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Your daily dose of Raiders news from around the internet.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Tribune editorial: Must get serious if sports teams are to remain in Oakland - San Jose Mercury News

When it comes to professional sports, Oakland and Sacramento share an identity crisis.While Oakland currently has three major league sports franchises located within its confines and Sacramento has one, how long that will be the case remains an open question.

Poole: Oakland Raiders' brass still must prove themselves - Inside Bay Area
General manager Reggie McKenzie says a lot of building required to make the Raiders a Super Bowl contender again

Photo: Several young Raiders get in a work out

Oakland Raiders Marquette King, Taiwan Jones, Jacoby Ford, and Terrelle Pryor following a workout at Raiders headquarters Wednesday.

JaMarcus Russell confident, attempting NFL comeback -

Former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell is confident in his attempt for an NFL comeback.

The worst mock draft you'll see this year

A site known as in which Twitter users play GM for each team shows what happens when good ideas go bad.