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Silver Mining: Raiders news 2/21

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Your daily dose of Raiders news from around the internet.


The Raiders should take a chance on Tennessee QB Tyler Bray -- Scott Wright, NFL Draft Countdown

"Tennessee QB Tyler Bray would be a great pick for the Oakland Raiders at the top of Round 3 to develop as an heir-apparent to Carson Palmer." said Scott Wright of NFL Draft Countdown in a tweet today.

Kevin Boss: Is career over for former Giants' tight end? - Big Blue View
Could former Giants Kevin Boss be brought back by the Giants, or is his career over due to his history of concussions?

Raiders head to Combine with eyes wide open | CSN Bay Area
A month after the Senior Bowl, in which the entire Raiders coaching staff had a hands-on experience coaching the North squad in Alabama, Oakland will again receive a head start on scouting for the draft.

2013 NFL Draft: Ranking the Cornerbacks | February | 2013 Articles
A look at the best cornerbacks in the 2013 Draft

DAVE'S ART LOCKER: What if all the NFL logos were British?
British versions of all NFL team logos. All very funny. The Raiders one is especially good.

Top 10 Raiders Sack Artists
Raiders defenders have always excelled at getting to opposing quarterbacks. The sack became an official statistic in 1982. This Top 10 list features sack artists from 1982-present.